American Leather Comfort Sleeper Gina Queen
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The world's finest sleeper sofas, Comfort Sleepers from American Leather, have been redesigned and improved. Easier to open, easier to close, more comfortable to sit on, more compact, and available with more mattress options, Comfort Sleepers are better than ever. The patented Tiffany 24/7 sleeper mechanism, with no bars, no springs, and no sagging, has been redesigned to sit lower in the sofa frame, and take up less space. This makes the seat height when the sofa is closed identical to that of a conventional sofa for greater seating comfort, especially for shorter people. It has also resulted in sofas that are not as deep as before, taking up even less floor space, both open and closed. And the opening and closing, something that was a bit stiff with previous Comfort Sleepers, is nearly effortless now, requiring no special strength or leverage. Finally, Comfort Sleepers are now available, at extra cost, with not only genuine Tempurpedic mattresses, but with gel mattresses. They're so comfortable, your guests may never want to leave!

That's just what's new with Comfort Sleepers. As always, Comfort Sleepers, and only Comfort Sleepers, feature the patented Tiffany 24/7 mechanism. Designed by Robert and Barbara Tiffany, this sleeper mechanism features a solid wood platform to support the entire mattress, eliminating the metal bars, the creaking springs and the uncomfortable sagging that traditionally have been associated with a poor night's sleep (and tired, cranky guests!) on a sleeper sofa. You sleep on a 6"-thick premium foam mattress (5" thick on three styles).

On a Comfort Sleeper bed, no one's feet will hang over the end. Only Comfort Sleepers feature regulation-size mattresses, full-80"-long cot, twin, double, queen, queen-plus, even king mattresses, the same length as the mattress in your bedroom. But, despite the longer mattresses, Comfort Sleepers take up less space in your room when they're open; in fact, they're about a foot shorter than ordinary sleepers. That's because the Comfort Sleeper mattress fits all the way into the back of the sofa. Conventional sleepers require a large gap between the head of the mattress and the back of the sofa to accommodate the bulky metal folding mechanism. So, with a Comfort Sleeper, you get a larger bed in less floor space.

Comfort Sleepers are all made to order, in Dallas, Texas. You can choose from thirteen styles, each available in chairs, loveseats, sofas, and sectionals. You can select any of hundreds of fabrics and leathers. And you can have your custom-made furniture in your home in about six weeks. When it comes to sleeper sofas, there truly is nothing like a Comfort Sleeper.

The Gina queen sleeper sofa is pictured above in the Atlas Cinnabar fabric. The Gina queen sleeper measures 77" wide, 39" deep, and 37" high. See it at our Orenco Station store with a premium mattress.