Hydro Flask Double Wall Beer Flask Black
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The Bend company Hydro Flask has applied the technology from their outstanding stainless-steel beverage bottles to this impressive 64-oz. thermal flask. Rugged stainless-steel construction with insulating double walls, tactile powder-coated exterior finish, land a eak-proof cap make this a growler that keeps beer cold for a long time. People are amazed after sipping ice-cold water from their Hydro Flask after it sat in a blazing hot car for hours, and equally impressed after snowshoeing up a mountain and still being able to enjoy piping hot coffee at the summit. At Kaboodle, we've put ice and water in a Hydro Flask bottle, and still had ice left after more than 48 hours. As pleasing on the outside as they are functional on the outside, Hydro Flask bottles feature a beautiful, tactile, matte finish color on the outer wall of stainless steel.

Hydro Flask bottles are not just another reusable water bottle. They're based on a simple sciientific principle; everything that has matter conducts heat, including water, air, plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel. However, a vacuum, a space empty of matter, does not conduct heat. And a vacuum is what you'll find between two walls of food-grade 18/8 stainless steel in every bottle from Hydro Flask.

Hydro Flask's patent-pending, double-wall vacuum insulation means that the temperature outside a Hydro Flask bottle has a very hard time affecting the temperature of whatever you might put in it. And, that principle is a two-way street; whether you've got hot or chilled liquids inside of your Hydro Flask, the internal temperature won't affect the temperature of the container in your hand. That means no blistered fingers with hot coffee, and no troublesome condensation from your bottle of ice water.

And additional benefit of owning a Hydro Flask bottle is that Hydro Flask turns over part of it's profit to FivePercentBack.org This volunteer-based organization founded by Hydro Flask, funnels 5% of Hydro Flask gross profits to a charity or non-profit of your choosing. Simply go to FivePercentBack.org, input the serial number from your Hydro Flask bottle and select a charity that resonates with you to invoke positive change.