Lodge Enameled Cast-Iron Mini Oven Oval Red
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These mini-ovens, or cocottes, are perfect for preparing and serving soups and side dishes; think individual servings of mac and cheese.The enameled surface and tight-fitting lids make them ideal for storing sea salts and other spices as well. Both the oval and round mini-cocottes have a 10-oz. capacity.

The Lodge line of fine cast-iron cookware now includes enameled pots and pans. Each piece of the Lodge color series is cast from molten iron in individual sand molds. The raw iron is then coated with matte black enamel, finished with two coats of glossy, porcelain enamel, then baked in extremely high-temperature ovens. This traditional casting and finishing process gives you cast-iron cookware with Lodge's familiar virtues of superior heat distribution and retention, along with the benefits of the rock-hard, easy-to-clean, chip-resistant porcelain enamel cooking surfaces.This hygenic surface material is non-reactive with food, resistant to sticking and easy to clean, and the matte enamel undercoating means the pan edges are enamel overed, not exposed cast iron. The tight-fitting lids seal in moisture and the knobs on the lids are oven-safe to 400 degrees F. Lodge enameled cast iron may be used on all types of stoves, including gas, electric, ceramic, and magnetic induction. Of course it's oven-safe, too. And since the porcelain enamel doesn't react with food, you can marinate, refrigerate, even freeze in Lodge enameled cast iron. Limited lifetime warranty.