Breville Handy Mix Hand Mixer
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The Breville Handy Mix has a lot going for it, in addition to being the best-looking hand mixer we've everr seen. It has 16 speeds, assuring you that you will always have the appropriate beating action, no matter what you're making. In addition, a "turbo" button overrides the speed control for a short boost of extra, maximum power to get you through a tough patch. A feature we really like is the built-in digital timer that makes it easy to be accurate with your mixing time. It starts counting when you start the mixer, and returns to zero when the mixer is switched off. All the controls are digital and the top of the mixer features a "soft-touch" finish for extra comfort. The power cord is five fee long to give you extra flexibility and the back of the mxer has a heel rest, so it can stand upright and keep the beaters off the counter. The Breville Handy Mix comes with two stainless-steel beaters, a wire whip, and two dough hooks.