Ken Onion Rain Take-Apart Shears
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We're going to make a bold statement: the best kitchen knives in the world are now made in the United States. They're called Rain knives and they're the creation of award-winning knife designer Ken Onion, the youngest person ever elected to the cutlery hall of fame. Onion had three goals for Rain knives, to make the finest kitchen knives in the world, to make them in the United States, and to make them price-competitive with other fine cutlery. We've had an advance trial of Rain knives; we've held them and worked with them, and we think these new knives are a complete success.

Rain knives are made in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, at the Lamson & Goodnow factory, a company that has been making cutlery and kitchen tools since 1837. The manufacturing process combines the latest computer-controlled machinery with careful hand craftsmanship and hand finishing. The steel in Rain knives comes from a small mill in Pennsylvania, and was selected by Onion after an exhaustive search for an alloy that met his requirements.

It's the design of Rain knives that sets them apart from other fine cutlery. Start with the handles; they're shaped to fit the hand, to balance the knife, and to the provide the right grip for the knife's particular task. Unllike other knife lines that might have only two sizes of handles, Rain handles come in several different sizes, each chosen to be appropriate to the task. The handles are made of a high-tech synthetic material, used in military applications, that's textured to provide a more secure grip.The handles are riveted to the tang of each knife. The shapes of the blades themselves are unlike other knives; Onion has designed them with a task in mind, throwing conventional notions to the wind. He even refers to them with different names, using detail knife in stead of paring knife, and applying the name "santility" to a knife that combines the functions of a santoku and a utility knife. The most eye-opening examples of Onion's fresh thinking are the reverse paring knives that have the edge on the "wrong" side of the knife, allowing a safer, easier, outward peeling motion.

Knives are the most personal of kitchen tools, being an extension of the arm and hand. We invite you to come in and put a Rain knife in your hand. We are confident you will be impressed.