Helen Chen 12" Wok
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In developing her tools for Asian cooking, Helen Chen has literally followed in the footsteps of her mother, Joyce Chen. Starting with packing take-out orders at age six in the original Joyce Chen restaurant in Cambridge, Massachussetts, Helen Chen has grown up surrounded by all aspects of Asian cooking. Her mother invented the flat-bottomed wok; now Helen has her own line of Asian cooking tools that reflect her experience.

This 12" carbon-steel stir-fry pan features a premium Excalibur non-stick finish, tough enough to stand up to the high temperaturs of stir-fry cooking. The patented Excalibur process employs a stainless-steel base coat with inumerable peaks and valleys that creates an ideal foundation for the two layers of non-stick material that actually become part of the pan. No elaborate, time-consuming seasoning is ever required. Flat-bottomed to work equally well on any type of burner.