Waterguard Doormat Fall Day 2' x 3' Green
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If one was to get excited about a doormat, it would be Waterguard doormats to get one's pulse racing. Their exclusive design and construction traps water and dirt in the mat, below shoe level, preventing wear and damage to rugs, carpets and floors. The polypropylene face of a Waterguard mat dries quickly and won't fade or rot. The rubber backing is certified slip resistant and reinforces the face, so that the polypropylene pile won't crush, even in high-traffic areas. There's even a "water dam" border on each mat, the final step in trapping water in the mat. Waterguard mats have been tested and will hold up to a gallon of water per square yard of mat. That's a lot! Each Waterguard mat has tapered edges to minimize the risk of tripping. To clean a Waterguard mat, simply sweep it clean, vacuum it, or hose it off with water and allow to dry. Waterguard doormats may be used both indoors and out and are compatibile with most doors.

The other exciting thing about Waterguard mats is that they're available to order in an amazing array of styles, colors and sizes, including half-rounds, larger rug sizes, even runners. What we show on on-line is what we carry in our stores; stop by any store to see the Waterguard catalog and find the Waterguard mat that would best suit your space. Order a Waterguard mat, and it will be shipped directly to your door at no additional charge.