Herb Keeper Compact
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The basic concept is the same; fresh herbs are held upright with their stems in water, prolonging the life and health and usefulness of garden-fresh herbs. But, you have choices.

The brilliant Herb Keepers do just what you might expect, they keep fresh herbs fresh for longer. The design of the Herb Keepers allows the stem ends of fresh herbs to sit in water at the bottom of the container, maintaining freshness, The herbs are kept upright by means of holes in a retaining ring in the base, and by the narrow waist of the container, which comes apart for easy access. The long metal handle attached to the base makes it easy to lift fresh herbs out of the Herb Keeper and to drop them in. Herb Keepers are made of sturdy, dishwasher-safe plastic. The Compact Herb Keeper stands just under 9" tall and measures nearly 4"across its triangular shape. The large Herb Keeper is 9.5" tall ane just less than 5" in diameter.

Pretty darn cute, our basic herb saver looks like a little flower pot with a clear lid. It's made of dishwasher-safe plastic and has a slot around the circumferance of the bottom to hold the herbs stems and keep them standing up in the water you added to the base. 9.5" tall, 4" in diameter.