Melamine 12" Skimmer White
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Made of the highest quality melamine, these award-winning utensils are perfect for both cooking and serving. Their sleek and ergonomic design will work beautifully, and look great. All are ideal for nonstick cookware, and.are heat resistant to 360F. For serving, you'll find that they will retains their glossy shine and continue to look good. Strong and durable, they're dishwasher safe.

Melamine is a type of plastic that cannot be melted and reshaped after it has been molded once. It is this special characteristic which makes melamine more expensive and more desirable These melamine bowls are manufactured using labor intensive methods which improve their characteristics. First, the melamine, which begins in a powdered form, is weighed by hand. Then it is inserted into a compression mold where it stays for approximately 2 minutes. When it is removed, all of the flash (extra material) must be filed off. The flash is waste, but an intended result of overfilling the mold in order to always get a perfect part. Then, each piece is hand-polished using a special compound which gives the bowls their clean, shiny, and smooth appearance.

Not all melamine is created equally. Some manufacturers use injection molding which requires a lesser grade of melamine that often shows flow marks. Automatic pelletizing saves time and money, but does not permit uniform hardening of each piece, thus making it more brittle and apt to break. All materials in these bowls have been approved by the FDA for food safety.