Silpat Baking Mat 12.25" x 17"
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If you've ever despaired of removing delicate baked goods from the pan, or stared in dismay at pans with baked-on dough, the Silpat non-stick baking liner is for you. Introduced in France over a decade ago, it's perfect for sticky baking jobs.Use it to line cookie sheets and jelly-roll pans, and your baked treats will slide right off. Before you bake, it's great as a non-stick surface for rolling out dough and pastry, too. Of course, clean up is a snap. Just run the Silpat under warm water or wipe with a damp sponge. And as for durability, well, you can think of the Silpat as nearly-permanent parchment paper. One silicone Silpan can be re-used up to 3,000 times! Ideal for the beginning or experienced baker alike, the Silpat baking liner is truly the baker's friend.