Vitamix Professional 300 Blender Red
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To say that a Vitamix is just a blender is to say a Ferrari is just a car. A Vitamix can make everything from hot soup to cold ice cream, from fruit juice to flour. It makes ordinary blenders seem like - well - ordinary blenders.The Vitamix Series 300 blender has added an important feature, a wider, shorter blending jar that allows the Vitamix Series 300 to fit underneath a standard kitchen cabinet. At 17.4", it's the shortest Vitamix yet. The Vitamix Series 300 has taken away something, too: noise. It's a full 40% quiter than any previous Vitamix, with all the power and efficiency of the older models. Plus, that new 64-oz. blending jar is made of lightweight, shatter-proof, Eastman Tritan copolyester, making it easier and safer to handle.

Vitamix Onyx Pro 300 Series Blender Features:

Noise Reduction Dampening and enhanced airflow management, similar to that of Vitamix Commercial Blenders

Pulse control function

Vita Mix powerful 2 peak horsepower motor

Blade reaches up to 240 mph

BPA-Free 64 oz. low profile copolyester container

Vitamix's illuminated control panel

Patented tamper to allow for blending of thick and thin ingredients

Great for quickly making soups, desserts, and smoothies quickly

Easy to clean container; simply place a drop of soap in the blending jar with warm water, and run on high for 30 seconds

1200W motor, reaching 24,000 RPMs

7 year full warranty through Vitamix

Made in the USA

Dimensions: Height: 17.4", Width: 7.7", Depth: 9.4".