Switchit Spoon/Spatula Arugula
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Our favorite spatulas are double-ended and made of the highest-quality silicone, heat-resistant to 450 F, stain-proof, flexible, and dishwasher safe. We use Switchits for sauteing onions and scrambling eggs, as well as for scraping the batter bowl, getting all the sauce out of saucepan and cleaning out a jar of peanut butter. We're pretty sure you'll find Switchit spatulas will quickly become your "go-to" kitchen utensil, too, equally at home on the stove and on the counter.

Switchits come in two styles, both 11.5" long. The all-purpose spatula features a small blade at one end, a large blade at the othe, great for use in a frying pan and in a mixing bowl. The super-versatile Switchit spoon/spatula gives you a choice of two soft, flexible spoons, ideal for blending a cake mix and for stirring a sauce. Each style is available in 7 colors: Apricot, Arugula, Blue, Cherry, Curacao, Radicchio, and Wasabi.