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About Kitchen Kaboodle

We're a bunch of people who love to cook, entertain and make our homes look great. The products you'll find here are the things we use and love ourselves. We think you'll like them, too.

Woody Bailey is Portland's zen master of cutlery. He teaches at the Oregon Culinary Institute and sharpens knives for many of Portland's finest chefs. Woody was trained by Master Knifesmith Bob Kramer, the creator of the nation's most coveted culinary knives and the originator of the 7-step Kramer method of sharpening.

When Woody puts a new Zen Blades edge your knife, it's no ordinary knife sharpening. Instead, it's a better-than-new re-creation of your knife's ideal edge. a restoration of its original geometry. We've put Woody and his skills to the test on our own dull knives, and man-oh-man, our knives have been transformed!

Woody offers his sharpening service exclusively at Kaboodle. We guarantee you'll love your Zen Blades edge or your money back. And the price is quite reasonable, just $7 ea. for knives under 5", $10 for knives 5" or longer or serrated blades of any length.

Over the few weeks, Woody will be at each of our stores, offering his service with the added bonus of next-day turnaround. Bring in your knives by 3:00 pm, and get them back by the end of the next day. Here's the schedule:

• LAST CHANCE! Sat. November 18th, NW Portland store
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Flavor Injector

We're thinking Thanksgiving! The OXO flavor injector makes it easy to inject marinades and other flavorings into meat and poultry for added flavor and juiciness. It includes two injector needles - one for thicker marinades, the other for thinner injections - both of which feature color-coded grips that make them easy to identify and to fit into place. Both needles store in the injector tube when not in use. The injector holds up to 2 ozs. of marinade and features easy-to-read measurement marks, and the oversized handle is easy to push and pull. The OXO flavor injector easily comes apart and all the parts can go in the dishwasher.

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